Our Medical Transcription team is proficient,accurate & always maintains client required Turnaround time (TAT).The transcribed documents are reviewed by experienced proof readers and reports sent to clients in a secured manner. We follow prescribed HIPAA guidelines at all times while receiving ,transcribing and sending back the documents.

Salient Features of our Operation

  • Meridian maintains the highest level of quality control consistently aiming at 99.5%+ accuracy of all the transcripts we deliver
  • Towards that goal we have a 3-layered approach involving transcriptionists, editors, and format specialists to review each and every transcribed report
  • Quality Auditors perform random quality audits
  • Customize your templates to your specific needs
  • We can handle client TAT requests ranging from 8 hours to 24 hours & STAT reports within an hour
  • By incorporating integrated training facility and scalable infrastructure into our operations, we have provided for expansion into related areas of operation as well as are able to service all our clients’ needs in an expeditious manner
  • The team's deliver the best output both quantitatively and qualitatively by taking help of:
    • Electronic pharmaceutical reference
    • Electronic spell checker and dictionaries to ensure correct terminology for all the specialties
    • Automatic database verification ensures correct matching of medical record number and patient name

Our work approach

  • We accept voice files over secure FTP
  • We have expertise to work in multiple platforms including various VRS engines,We transcribe at your server itself
  • We can provide on line reporting system for client’s TAT choice,& lines processed on specific time intervals